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Household appliances provide an unmatched value to your home, and a malfunction can completely throw you off your daily routine. That’s where you can count on us. As a local, family owned appliance repair business in Surrey, we understand the importance of your household appliances, which is why we offer efficient and reliable appliance repair services in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

Our certified and experienced technicians are here to fix any major household appliance, including your fridge, stove, dryer, oven, washer and dishwasher. No matter the appliance brand or model, we have the experience fixing all appliance issues.

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Trusted Appliance Repairs

With our professional skills and a commitment to providing you with trusted repair services done right, we are here to handle any appliance brand and model. We take pride in our straightforward service, and our technicians are here to help you make the best and most affordable choice for your household. Our transparency and fair pricing has made us one of the top rated appliance repair companies in Surrey.

Fridge Repair Surrey

The fridge is one of the most important appliances in your household, and it can be a major inconvenience if it doesn’t work properly.

Luckily, our team at Surrey Appliance Repair knows how to fix any fridge, no matter what the make or model.

From temperature regulation issues, leaking problems, excess noise, or compressor faults, our team is ready to serve you whenever you need us.

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Dishwasher Repair Surrey

Your dishwasher is an essential household appliance, which is why it can be a huge inconvenience when it doesn’t work properly.For any major or minor issue with your dishwasher, you know who to call!

Depending on the make and model, dishwashers can experience issues with leakage, temperature, wash cycles and others.

Regardless of the problem with your dishwasher, we are here to deliver expert services and speedy repairs.

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Washer Repair Surrey

Doing laundry would be much more difficult if it wasn’t for your laundry washer.

These are complex machines that require regular maintenance and professional repairs. Fortunately, the team at Capital Appliance Repair knows how to deal with any washer issues.

Our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to perform quality washer repairs in Surrey and the surrounding areas. From failure to spin to drainage issues, we know how to fix them all!

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Dryer Repair Surrey

A reliable dryer makes doing laundry much easier. Your dryer might experience some common and uncommon issues over time, and when that happens, it’s important to have a team of trusted repair specialists by your side.

The most common issues include temperature regulation problems, failure to start or spin and others.

Whatever the issue with your dryer, our team is ready to perform speedy and professional dryer repair services in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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Stove Repair Surrey

The stove is one of the most important kitchen appliances in your home.

Much like any other appliance, you are probably going to experience some usual problems with your stove, such as failure to turn on or faulty burners.

Whatever the problem with your stove, the team at Surrey Appliance Repair can fix it with fast and professional stove repair services in Surrey.

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Oven Repair Surrey

The delicious meals that you prepare for your family would not be possible if it weren’t for your oven. That is why it can be a great problem if your oven doesn’t work properly.

Over the years, our team at Capital Appliance Repair has dealt with numerous oven issues, including heater issues, failure to start or to maintain temperature.

With our rich experience in dealing with multiple oven problems, we offer professional and affordable oven repair services in Surrey and the surrounding areas.

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Brands we Fix

Here at Capital Appliance Repair, we have the experience and the skills to fix any major household appliance. Here are some of the brands we fix:

brands we repair

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Skilled Appliance Repair Technicians

Our main goal is to provide exceptional appliance repair services in Surrey, and we take pride in our honest and straightforward services. Here’s why we’re your best choice for appliance repairs in Surrey.


Our certified experts have been fixing appliances for over 15 years now!


We're available 7 days a week for reliable appliance repairs in Surrey.


To give our customers a peace of mind, we back our work with a warranty.

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We're dedicated to providing excellent service to our customers.


We're here to help you save with affordable rates and fair pricing.


We have the experience to help you during an appliance emergency.

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We’re your local appliance repair company in Surrey, and we’re proud to serve our community with reliable and efficient appliance repairs. We want our customers to get the best quality services at the most affordable rates, which is why our technicians are here to serve you for any appliance repair emergency.

In-home Surrey appliance repairs:

  • Our technicians are available to perform reliable and affordable appliance repair services
  • Our people will always arrive prepared with the right tools and parts necessary for the job.
  • Thanks to our experience, we perform speedy yet efficient appliance repairs.
  • We back our work with a warranty.

Our superior service and our attention to detail is what makes us stand out. If  you need a trusted team to repair your appliance in Surrey, you can count on us.

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